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Book Chapter
U. E. Aladl and Peters, T., Medical Image Registration, in Multi Modality State-of-the-Art Medical Image Segmentation and Registration Methodologies, A. S. El-Baz, Acharya U, R., Laine, A. F., and Suri, J. S., Eds. Springer New York, 2011, pp. 227-245.
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Conference Paper
J. Vejvalka, Lesný, P., Holeček, T., Slabý, K., Jarolímková, A., and Bouzková, H., MediGrid – Facilitating Semantic-Based processing of Biomedical Data and Knowledge, in Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Open Source in European Health Care: The Time is Ripe (BIOSTEC 2009), 2009.
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Journal Article
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