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Gestion de cabinet médicaux (GECAMed)

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The GECAMed “Gestion de cabinet médicaux” project was initially started after the bankruptcy of a commercial software company in Luxembourg, which provided software for patient data management.

The consequece was that all physicians using this software found themselves in a difficult situation. There was no longer any support for their medical cabinet management software, while their electronic patient records were in danger to be lost or become inaccessable.

After interviewing different physicians, a requirements document was written, gathering the needs and expectations of physicians. With this document in hand, a market study of open source software solutions for medical offices was done in order to look for existing solutions. Since none were really satisfying, the decision was taken to start the GECAMed project by building a solid basis for the implementation of a good management system for physcians in Luxembourg.

The idea behind GECAMed was to develop a free, open source software solution, which is not the property of any given software vendor, but a solution that can be distributed and supported by different service companies. This gives the physicians the possibility to choose among several different companies, and also to switch to a different support provider without giving up their software solution.

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