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NOSH ChartingSystem

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NOSH ChartingSystem is a new electronic health record designed for doctors in mind.

What is NOSH ChartingSystem about?

  • Equal opportunity - Just as the author believes that every medical provider needs a low-cost pen to write with, NOSH ChartingSystem is about giving medical providers an equal chance of getting an easy-to-use, robust, world-class electronic health record system.
  • The doctor comes first - NOSH ChartingSystem is about making the medical provider the priority of how the system works. It starts by designing a user interface that makes sense to them (as opposed to the way an administrator, insurance company, or biller thinks). After all, the medical provider provides their services to the patient!
  • Paying it forward - NOSH ChartingSystem is about open-ness and sharing with one another. One of the benefits of being open-source is that the improvements and modifications made over time is shared back to all existing users. We all share in making NOSH ChartingSystem the best electronic health record system on the planet.
  • Versatility and choice - NOSH ChartingSystem is all about choice. It can be installed on a variety of server systems (but the best is Linux because of security and cost of maintenance). The server can be a standalone computer or it can be installed in the cloud. Once installed NOSH ChartingSystem can be used by a any computer system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) as long as there is a network connection and a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari are recommended, however).
  • Quality - NOSH ChartingSystem is built off of quality software compenents that have been used on the largest, proven, and most trusted internet service providers on the planet, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Adobe. The components the author uses are not a mystery (as most other electronic health record systems like to make you believe in their products).
  • What is the history behind NOSH ChartingSystem?
    After years of tinkering with other electronic medical record systems, the author ran into constant limitations in most electronic medical record systems in an outpatient, clinical setting. Most times, it was the clumsy interface and lack of intuitiveness for the typical workflow for a doctor that got to the author. The author did not like having any EMR dictate how he should do my work and interface with patients. Having spent enough time tinkering around to make existing systems fit the author, he decided to switch his efforts into building a new, modern EMR from scratch. NOSH ChartingSystem is meant to be fast, modular, and most important of all - intuitive and user friendly for the physician.