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OpenAPS - Open Artificial Pancreas System project

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The Open Artificial Pancreas System project (#OpenAPS) is an open and transparent effort to make safe and effective basic Artificial Pancreas System (APS) technology widely available to more quickly improve and save as many lives as possible and reduce the burden of Type 1 diabetes.

We believe that we can make safe and effective APS technology available more quickly, to more people, rather than just waiting for current APS efforts to complete clinical trials and be FDA-approved and commercialized through traditional processes. And in the process, we believe we can engage the untapped potential of dozens or possibly hundreds of patient innovators and independent researchers and also make APS technology available to hundreds or thousands of people willing to participate as subjects in clinical trials.

At the end of the process, we hope to have produced an FDA-approved #OpenAPS reference design and reference implementation that can be used by any medical device manufacturer with minimal regulatory burden. We believe this will in turn allow manufacturers (and the academic research teams they work with) to turn more of their attention to designing and testing more advanced APS systems, and thereby accelerate the pace of innovation toward new and improved Type 1 diabetes treatments, and eventually a cure.

In the mean time, it will make basic overnight closed loop APS technology widely available to anyone with compatible medical devices, thereby reducing the burden of Type 1 diabetes on everyone who lives with the disease.