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OBiBa software consists of a suite of stand-alone applications that support various study's data management activities. These modular applications can be integrated to create a comprehensive information management and analysis system for individual studies.

As part of the Maelstrom Research program, OBiBa suite includes advanced software components enabling data harmonization and federation for study networks that aim to harmonize and share securely data among their members.

OBiBa software applications are highly customizable and easy to use. The software suite is built upon the latest programming technologies and complies with the highest standards in terms of privacy and data security.

OBiBa was launched in 2007 as a core project of the Population Project in Genomics (P3G) . The project grew rapidly and obtained substantial financial support from its main partners to build a new generation of open source software for data collection and management.

In 2012, OBiBa and the DataSHaPER project, also from P3G, joined their efforts to create the Maelstrom Research program whose mission is to develop tools and methods for epidemiological data harmonisation.

Maelstrom Research offices are located at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center, Montreal, Quebec.