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Open-source LIMS in Vietnam: The path toward sustainability and host country ownership.

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TitleOpen-source LIMS in Vietnam: The path toward sustainability and host country ownership.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsLandgraf, KM, Kakkar, R, Meigs, M, Jankauskas, PT, Phan, TThu Huong, Nguyen, VNga, Nguyen, DThai, Duong, TTung, Nguyen, THoa, Bond, KB
JournalInt J Med Inform
Date Published2016 Sep

OBJECTIVE: The objectives of this case report are as follows: to describe the process of establishing a national laboratory information management system (LIMS) program for clinical and public health laboratories in Vietnam; to evaluate the outcomes and lessons learned; and to present a model for sustainability based on the program outcomes that could be applied to diverse laboratory programs.METHODS: This case report comprises a review of program documentation and records, including planning and budgetary records of the donor, monthly reports from the implementer, direct observation, and ad-hoc field reports from technical advisors and governmental agencies. Additional data on program efficacy and user acceptance were collected from routine monitoring of laboratory policies and operational practices.RESULTS: LIMS software was implemented at 38 hospital, public health and HIV testing laboratories in Vietnam. This LIMS was accepted by users and program managers as a useful tool to support laboratory processes. Implementation cost per laboratory and average duration of deployment decreased over time, and project stakeholders initiated transition of financing (from the donor to local institutions) and of system maintenance functions (from the implementer to governmental and site-level staff). Collaboration between the implementer in Vietnam and the global LIMS user community was strongly established, and knowledge was successfully transferred to staff within Vietnam.CONCLUSION: Implementing open-sourced LIMS with local development and support was a feasible approach towards establishing a sustainable laboratory informatics program that met the needs of health laboratories in Vietnam. Further effort to institutionalize IT support capacity within key government agencies is ongoing.

Alternate JournalInt J Med Inform
PubMed ID27435952
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