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HEC2016 Workshop: "Open Source principles: Opportunities for accelerating sustainable ecosystem development"

Submitted by demski on Fri, 2016/08/26 - 14:58
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Wed, 2016/08/31
Room A017, HEC 2016 - Munich

Background: Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) development has gained attraction worldwide and has led to numerous new business models. In the domain of health care this development has been far slower than in other domains. Nevertheless, in recent years FLOSS has gained steady ground in the health informatics landscape. From a global perspective, the picture is quite heterogeneous. While the U.S. has a long-standing tradition with a stable and in recent years growing community of open source in healthcare supporters, the situation in other parts of the world is quite diverse. The situation in Europe looks very fragmented. The UK is a leading country in Europe with remarkable development in recent years. There is not much adoption of FLOSS solutions in other European countries. In low resource settings, on the other hand the adoption of FLOSS solution is still rising steadily. In this workshop, the authors will give a global overview of FLOSS systems in health care followed by a few in detail examples.

Methods: The authors will give presentations followed by a moderated discussion with the audience.

Results: The audience will get an overview of state of the art in Free/Libre Open Source Software in health care. In particular topics like community building, open source tools for mHealth as well as an update on the database will be given.

Conclusion: The audience will get insight into open source ecosystem building in systems like OSCAR, WorldVistA and open mHealth. Participants will get first hand open source in health care governance experience from Canada, Japan, Germany and the USA.

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