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A HTML5 open source tool to conduct studies based on Libet's clock paradigm.

Submitted by karopka on Mon, 2016/09/19 - 07:43
TitleA HTML5 open source tool to conduct studies based on Libet's clock paradigm.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGaraizar, P, Cubillas, CP, Matute, H
JournalSci Rep
Date Published2016

Libet's clock is a well-known procedure in experiments in psychology and neuroscience. Examples of its use include experiments exploring the subjective sense of agency, action-effect binding, and subjective timing of conscious decisions and perceptions. However, the technical details of the apparatus used to conduct these types of experiments are complex, and are rarely explained in sufficient detail as to guarantee an exact replication of the procedure. With this in mind, we developed Labclock Web, a web tool designed to conduct online and offline experiments using Libet's clock. After describing its technical features, we explain how to configure specific experiments using this tool. Its degree of accuracy and precision in the presentation of stimuli has been technically validated, including the use of two cognitive experiments conducted with voluntary participants who performed the experiment both in our laboratory and via the Internet. Labclock Web is distributed without charge under a free software license (GPLv3) since one of our main objectives is to facilitate the replication of experiments and hence the advancement of knowledge in this area.

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PubMed ID27623167
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