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Easy {Handling} of {Sensors} and {Actuators} over {TCP}/{IP} {Networks} by {Open} {Source} {Hardware}/{Software}

Submitted by karopka on Wed, 2017/01/18 - 16:05
TitleEasy {Handling} of {Sensors} and {Actuators} over {TCP}/{IP} {Networks} by {Open} {Source} {Hardware}/{Software}
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMejías, A, Herrera, RS, Márquez, MA, Calderón, AJosé, González, I, Andújar, JManuel
JournalSensors (Basel, Switzerland)
KeywordsArduino, collaborative access, data acquisition, EJS, HMI, Internet-of-Things, Modbus, open source hardware/software, remote access

There are several specific solutions for accessing sensors and actuators present in any process or system through a TCP/IP network, either local or a wide area type like the Internet. The usage of sensors and actuators of different nature and diverse interfaces (SPI, I2C, analogue, etc.) makes access to them from a network in a homogeneous and secure way more complex. A framework, including both software and hardware resources, is necessary to simplify and unify networked access to these devices. In this paper, a set of open-source software tools, specifically designed to cover the different issues concerning the access to sensors and actuators, and two proposed low-cost hardware architectures to operate with the abovementioned software tools are presented. They allow integrated and easy access to local or remote sensors and actuators. The software tools, integrated in the free authoring tool Easy Java and Javascript Simulations (EJS) solve the interaction issues between the subsystem that integrates sensors and actuators into the network, called convergence subsystem in this paper, and the Human Machine Interface (HMI)-this one designed using the intuitive graphical system of EJS-located on the user's computer. The proposed hardware architectures and software tools are described and experimental implementations with the proposed tools are presented.

PubMed ID28067801
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