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EFMI LIFOSS WG tutorial at MIE2018

Submitted by karopka on Fri, 2018/04/06 - 17:55
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Target audience:

Mon, 2018/04/23
Gothenburg, Sweden

The Libre/Free and Open Source Working Group (LIFOSS WG) of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) will host a tutorial at the Medical Informatics Europe 2018 (MIE2018) conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.
What to expect:
We are interested in attracting participants who are interested in understanding the technical and policy aspects of using Free/Libre and Open Source Software in eHealth provision. The tutorial is in 4 parts:
• Part 1: An overview of the state of the art in Free/Libre Open-Source Software in medicine. We will particularly focus on European activities over the last 10 years.
• Part 2: A view of implementation scenarios for the system GNU Health. We will look at implementation scenarios on Open SUSE, raspberry pi and wider access networks such as cloud networks. We will show a complete implementation of the system, demonstrate its key functionalities and give some training in its use.
• Part 3: We will explore business models adopted by national implementers in countries such as Argentina, Laos, Cameroon, Gabon, Mexico and Jamaica. This section will close with thoughts on the future development of suitable national business and implementation models.
• Part 4: In small groups, we will explore questions of suitability, sustainability and impact raised in parts 1-3.
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