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OSEHRA VistA is a set of software components designed to support open source EHR solutions based upon the award-winning VistA EHR developed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. OSEHRA VistA is not intended as a complete EHR solution, but as a baseline of open source community code that will strengthen all VistA-based EHR implementations and accelerate community innovation. OSEHRA VistA consists of FOIA VistA, with redacted code replaced to ensure functionality, plus added innovations and established, OSEHRA-certified software from the community. OSEHRA VistA lays the groundwork for enhanced collaboration and accelerated innovation among the many members of the open source electronic health record (EHR) community.

The new product set is the result of more than five years of community collaboration. Until now, the open source VistA community has been unable to realize the full benefit of open source development. While many vendors and healthcare providers have utilized VA code or derivative versions of VistA, prior to the initiation of this project, code sharing and collaborative development among the community members have been handicapped by the lack of a common baseline with a known licensing model. The emergence of OSEHRA VistA will allow all community members to share portions of their code.

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