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Ripple Foundation

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Ripple Foundation is a clinically led team working towards and supporting the move to an open platform fit for 21st century health and care. Supporting open source, open standards and an open architecture that can be used worldwide.
We are supporting those people who are working to change 21st century health and care. They include clinical, business and technical leaders who have a need and/ or want to service that need.
We are supporting the process of building the community who want to collaborate around this open platform mission. We want to challenge the limitations of the current limited health and care IT market, positively disrupt and move health and care towards a services orientated marketplace.
We are supporting those key technologies that we believe should be open sourced to benefit the health and care world.
Ripple Foundation is actively supporting key open platform projects in order to further this mission.

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Dr. Tony Shannon
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+ 44 203 2399113
Ripple Foundation, Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UK
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