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SORMAS (Surveillance, Outbreak Response Management and Analysis System) is an open source early warning and management system aimed at preventing or keeping the spread of dangerous infectious diseases at bay. It is used by healthcare workers, epidemiologists or other instructed personnel to gather detailed information about potential or confirmed cases of one of the diseases covered by SORMAS. This, for example, includes data about the symptoms they are showing, their travel history, the contacts they had with other humans or animals, attended gatherings, and a lot more. SORMAS allows medical personnel to enter this data in a centralized system where it becomes immediately available to everyone else involved in the process, to quickly gain an overview of the overall situation, and therefore to quickly take action against the spread of these diseases.

SORMAS is split into two separate pieces of software. Healthcare workers and other people working in the field use a mobile Android app that allows them to create or edit cases as well as the most important information associated with them, to report back to their superiors, and to be notified of tasks that have been assigned to them. This app is fully offline-capable, which is essential for the system to be used in countries and areas with a weaker infrastructure, and automatically synchronizes its data with a central database. Supervisors or other personnel with a more directive role use a web application that is accessed via web browser. They immediately get access to the cases gathered in the field and additional tools, such as detailed statistics, visual maps displaying the spread of cases, infrastructure management, and more.

As an open source project, SORMAS is free of charge and the source code is publicly available on GitHub

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