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OrthancCon 2019

Submitted by karopka on Sun, 2019/11/17 - 15:07
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Fri, 2019/12/13 to Sun, 2019/12/15
Quartier Hopital, Avenue de l'Hôpital, 11 4000 Liège

OrthancCon 2019 will be the first edition of the international conference about Orthanc, and will explore the field of free, libre and open-source software for medical imaging. The conference will take place in December 2019 in Liège (Belgium), the city where Orthanc was born. This will be the ideal place to meet the whole community of users and developers of Orthanc!

Besides medical imaging, the conference will also promote free, libre and open-source software for healthcare. To this end, OrthancCon 2019 will be a joint organization with our friends from GNUHealthCon 2019, the annual conference that brings together enthusiasts and developers of GNU Health, the acclaimed health and hospital information system.

OrthancCon 2019 will notably feature:

Talks from free software projects in healthcare and medical imaging.
Real-world deployments of Orthanc, and applications built using Orthanc.
Workshops and hands-on sessions about DICOM and medical imaging.
The presence of the developers of Orthanc and of its commercial partner Osimis.
The official release of the Stone of Orthanc, our next-generation free toolkit for rendering medical images.

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