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Medical Exploration Toolkit (METK)

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The MedicalExplorationToolkit (METK) was designed for loading, visualizing and exploring segmented medical data sets. It is a framework of several modules in MeVisLab, a development environment for medical image processing and visualization.

  • Case Management: Load and save whole cases of segmented structures e.g. for surgery planning, educational training or intra operative visualization.
  • Basic Visualization in 2D and 3D: Visualize segmented structures in multiple manner e.g. iso surface rendering, stippling, hatching, silhouettes, volume rendering, 2d overlays.
  • Advanced Visualization: Provide advanced medical visualization techniques e.g. ghost views, cutaways, safety margins, labeling techniques, convolution surfaces.
  • Animation: Interactive animations as well as pre-rendered videos. Provide interactive animations of 3d scenes and facilities to render reusable videos.
  • User Interface: Widgets than can be used in medical applications e.g. tree views, automatic structure lists.
  • Synchronization: Changes made in one part of an application should be communicate to all other parts. Changing the visualization of a structure in 3D should have also effects in 2D. Or if an object is selected in 3D, the 2D viewer should jump to the corresponding slice.
  • State saving: The user ought to save different states of the visualization for later use e.g. as a collection.
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