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My Health Portal

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The project is yet in the planning phase.

MHP is an abbreviation for Min hälsoportal and is Swedish for My Health Portal. The MHP is a project that aims at making the public health-care in Sweden more accessible through the Internet. The main objectives are to make it possible for patients to consult medical expertise via video conferencing, to generate importable calendar files for the patient´s health-care contacts and also to keep track of their medications and for sample-takings.

The main features of MHP are:

  • A GUI for the patient´s and the health-care personel´s web interaction.
  • Video application for consultation between health-care personnel and patients.
  • Possibility to book video consultations with different kinds of health care personnel.
  • Application for the patient´s calendar with import of scheduled patient visits.
  • Presentation of the patient´s current medication list, with notifications for medication.
  • Presentation and follow up on a patient´s ordinated treatments.
  • Schedule for ordinated personal sample takings.