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popHealth is a prototype open source tool that automates population health reporting. popHealth integrates with a provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system to produce summary quality measures on the provider’s patient population and streamlines the reporting of these measures.

popHealth has been designed to be a proof of concept to provide assistance to healthcare providers and EHR vendors interested in extracting quality measures from a patient population. Providers are empowered to better understand, and analyze the health of their patient population through reports of quality measures. EHR vendors are free to download, use, and redistribute the popHealth software in their products.

popHealth is designed to simplify the reporting of summary quality measures, and streamline the exchange of summary quality data. Demonstration of Meaningful Use requires the reporting of quality measures and public health data. This prototype demonstrates how a provider can use such a solution to submit quality measures or public health data as part of their existing workflow.

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