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Dimagi is an award-winning, socially-conscious technology company that helps organizations deliver quality health care to urban and rural communities across the world.

Our team of exceptional physicians and engineers apply their experience in global health care delivery and technology development to further personal and public health.

A Passion for Life Changing Technology

Dimagi’s staff includes software engineers, health systems architects, and clinicians in a tight-knit team. As a small business with this blend of expertise, Dimagi is able to rapidly iterate and adapt the technologies to the local environment, enabling appropriate, scalable solutions to be created at a low-cost.

Open Source and Open Collaboration

Dimagi believes in technology for everyone. We believe that the gap between the world’s richest and the world’s poorest does not have to be so large, and that inexpensive technology can play a role in narrowing that divide. We believe technology needs to be affordable, and as such make a strong effort to keep all of our software open source.

We target cheap, cost-effective hardware platforms like basic cell phones or SMS-systems to make our technology deployable at scale, and work on building solutions that can take advantage of the rapidly growing cell-phone coverage throughout the world. We also believe in the importance of capacity-building, and strive to attain local ownership of all our projects.

Open Collaboration

As a result, all of our initiatives and groups reflect a common vision and goal of accessibility and interoperability for people all over the world. From our Coded in Country initiative, a movement to locally train and groom programmers in developing countries and have them work on projects that directly impact their homelands, to OpenROSA, a consortium formed to create open source, standards-based tools for mobile data collection, aggregation, analysis, and reporting, we seek like minded partners to advance technology with social responsibility.

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Jonathan Jackson
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Dimagi, Inc. 529 Main St, Suite 606 Charlestown, MA 02129, USA
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