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Augury Network Advisors, LLC

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Managed Services for Health Care IT: Specialists In Information Systems for Long Term Care Enterprises

Based in the State of Rhode Island (USA) Augury offers a range of managed services to Health Care Delivery Enterprises across Southern New England. We are particularly experienced with long term care providers such as nursing, residential, HCBC and rehabilitative care enterprises that are investing - or planning to invest - in implementing or expanding their information systems, applications, or networks.

Experienced, affordable, and results-oriented services from Augury cover:

  • Analyzing information needs throughout support care delivery
  • Designing information management solutions to fit non-profit health care enterprise budgets
  • Implementing and customizing new information systems or services
  • Introducing system functions and use to employees
  • Supporting and maintaining information management solutions for the long term
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Paul LaRiviere
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Providence, RI, USA