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The openCDMS project is a community effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured and open source clinical data management system for studies and trials. The philosophy behind openCDMS is to enable clinical researchers to manage the full life cycle of their clinical research project, from design through to archiving, without any specialist knowledge of databases or IT systems.

openCDMS provides purpose built visual tools the enable clinical researchers to design, develop, implement, and manage large scale, multi-centre studies and trials quickly and easily.

openCDMS is mature and stable and is used by the UK Mental Health Research Network, the UK Diabetes Research Network and the National Institute of Health Research.

openCDMS has a feature set that is comparable with high-end commercial systems but is available under a free software license:

  • multi-centre remote electronic data collection;
  • highly configurable security system employing Role Based Access Control;
  • fully customisable data set definition including data elements, validation rules and scheduling;
  • integrated form and element library with version and approval controls;
  • fully configurable online randomisation with email and SMS text message notification;
  • project management reporting including recruitment, completion and UKCRN accrual;
  • suitable for an NHS or public hosted system.

openCDMS is actively developed and maintained by a core team of developers at the University of Manchester and a growing network of collaborators and contributors.

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