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EGADSS (Evidence-based Guideline and Decision Support System) is an open source tool that is designed to work in conjunction with primary care Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems to provide patient specific point of care reminders in order to aid physicians provide high quality care. EGADSS is designed as a stand alone system that would respond to requests from existing Electronic Medical Records such as Wolf, Med Access, and MedOffIS to provide patient specific clinical guidance based on its internal collection of guidelines. Centralizing guideline management under one tool (EGADSS) permits easier maintenance of the content. EGADSS will focus, initially, on preventive care reminders. The project began May 20, 2004 through a collaboration between members of the UBC Department of Family Practice, UVic's School of Health Information Science and Computer Science Department, CHIi, the National Research Council, and support from Vancouver Coastal Health.