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Open eHealth Foundation

Submitted by holger on Wed, 2010/11/24 - 09:37
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The mission of the Open eHealth Foundation (OeHF) is to establish a community that creates, perpetuates, and shares open source software services and components for the healthcare industry.

The primary community members and users of the Foundation would be those enterprises who seek to deliver and sustain high quality open interoperable healthcare applications, integrate or extend existing applications built as a whole or in part from OeHF provided services or components.

OeHF believes it is important to use open standards and open architecture to eliminate the barriers that prevent the healthcare IT industry from being easily interoperable, customizable and adaptable to the ever evolving healthcare continuum.
OeHF seeks to provide community and thought leadership to the healthcare IT industry and the citizen users of healthcare services worldwide to become more efficient and innovative in data sharing and processing for improving clinical outcomes and patient safety.

Foundation members are Agfa HealthCare, InterComponentWare (ICW), Sun Microsystems Inc. and the Center for Information and Medical Engineering of the University Hospital Heidelberg.

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