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Our services include OpenEMR Support and Installations, OpenEMR Visit/Encounter Forms Development, FREE Electronic Billing Claims Submissions, Lab Interfacing, OpenEMR Offsite Backups, e-Prescribing, OpenEMR Customizations, Health IT Remote Support, & HIPAA Compliancy Documentation & Consulting. Check out our service brochure for more information

We offer the following:

* Our Updated Graphical User Interface (GUI) - Check out our version of OpenEMR with an updated look and feel. Visit our website to try out the demo!
* OpenEMR User Training DVD - Need to train your staff on how to use OpenEMR? Well, order our Training DVD and let your staff learn the program at their own pace! Order on our website or contact us to order.
* DICOM Image Viewer - Upload and view your DICOM images within OpenEMR! Contact us to order.
* Direct to Web Scanning - We have a solution that allows you to directly scan multiple pages with 1-click directly into a patients documents through the browser! Contact us to order.
* e-Prescribing - Hate paper? So do we! Send prescriptions electronically and never have to deal with paper prescriptions again!
* Electronic Lab Ordering and Results Integration - Contact us to get started with your lab company today.
* e-Faxing - Fax directly from OpenEMR with out any hardware or modems! Also inquire about our VoIP services as well!
* OpenEMR Hosting - Did you like all of the above? Well get it for free! When you host with us! And we host on the most advanced and secure infrastructure you can, Amazon Web Services (AWS). When you are going to host with someone, always ask where your data will be stored and a copy of their security practices. AWS has gone through the SAS 70 Type II Audit and passed with flying colors and other large organizations who must comply with HIPAA also choose AWS as their choice. Call us to find out more information.

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Main Office - Branch Office Located in NJ
1717 N Flagler Drive, Suite 6
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
(O) 866-374-2417

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Chris Lucena
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(866) 374-2417 x701
West Palm Beach, FL, USA
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I currently use Open EMR but I need a hosting service. Please contact me right away. 503-288-5579 clinic or 503-446-0873.
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