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A Cross-platform DICOM viewer developed in Java using the dcm4che toolkit. Mayam is still work under progress. The current features are:

  • DICOM Listener for Q/R
  • DICOM Send
  • Local DB for storing study information
  • Importing DICOM studies from local disk
  • Parsing DicomDir from local disk or CD
  • Query compressed studies without decompressing them
  • Multiple Studies viewer using Layout,Tab view
  • Export to JPEG (Study, Series, Instance level). Windowing can be applied to a single instance or series of instance while exporting
  • Cine Loop & stack navigation
  • Toggle for Text and Annotation Overlay
  • Windowing Presets Settings (based on modality)
  • Layout Settings (based on modality)
  • AE Management
  • DICOM Tags Viewer
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