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Collaboration, Open Solutions & Innovation (COSI) in Healthcare

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2011/05/16 - 10:26
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The community developing, implementing, and using 'open source' healthcare software applications and business solutions continues to grow. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of sites containing information about this 'open' health community and related open source software, technologies, communities, and solutions spread across the web. As we started spending days and weeks surfing the web searching and looking at all these sites trying to find the 'good' sites - sites that contain useful information; have been around for a while; are high quality, and are regularly updated - we decided to put all those links on this web site to save others from having to spend a lot of their time repeating the same process. We hope you find this site useful and our intention is to keep improving it over time. As stated on every page of this COSI Open Health site, we have assumed that individuals visiting this site already have an intense interest and extensive knowledge about open source and health information technology.

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Peter Groen
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