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At Lisog, our central theme is "Integrating Open Source and Proprietary Software" and our activities concentrate on interoperability between open source and proprietary software.

Lisog – founded in March, 2005 – connects suppliers and users in the open source space. In workshops and project groups, we develop solutions for current IT and open source issues. At numerous events throughout the German-speaking world, Lisog demonstrates that open source is a viable business model. Currently, the group has 116 members – including leading IT corporations, small and medium-sized IT companies and users from public administration and business. In addition to the main office in Stuttgart, Lisog also has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich, Palo Alto and Toronto.

For its members, Lisog is the right partner for all relevant open source topics. Seminars and events about current open source trends offer plenty of opportunities for expert discussions and exchange of views. At these events, Lisog offers its members a variety of possibilities for networking with important players in the open source arena, and for making contacts with potential partners. The Lisog network offers its members a platform for their press and public relations work by publishing current announcements, and is available to assist them with its experience and competence in organizing meetings and events.

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