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Aurion is an open source health information exchange platform that implements the Nationwide Health Information Network standard services and content specifications. Aurion is the first project chartered through the Alembic Foundation. This software enables the secure exchange of interoperable health information among diverse organizations using a wide variety of technologies.

Organizations implementing Aurion as a part of their health information exchange strategy gain the benefits of implementing nationally-recognized standards enabling data exchange with federal agencies as well as with numerous other health IT stakeholders. Aurion enables health professionals to request, send and receive medical records so critical information can follow patients as they navigate through the health care system. The software places relevant patient medical data at the doctor’s fingertips. It enhances security, promotes public health, and empowers patients to be more active and involved in their own care decisions.

Aurion 3.1 is the CONNECT 3.1 codebase rebranded. With the release of Aurion 4.0 on May 3, 2011, the Alembic Foundation assumes a custodial agent role of the software for fostering a robust open community and ecosystem around the platform. Aurion seeks to expand collaboration out to the entire health IT community.

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