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Dicoogle PACS is a distributed medical image system and offers the following features:

  • Searching - Dicoogle has capability to search locally and in distributed system (P2P network). The query and retrieval mechanism follow different users’ needs. Skilled users can fine tune search sentences to improve the retrieved results. Using the “Free text” mode, the user inserts the query text, and the search is made in all the indexed fields. Like in web search engines, it is also possible to use Boolean operators to refine the query. Additionally, there are several other functionalities available, such as nearby terms and flexible range search.
  • Services
    • Storage SCP
    • Query/Retrieve SCP
    • Web Portal
    • Web Service Query/Retrieve
    • P2P Network
  • Application - The new paradigm introduced with the Dicoogle index engine is that we can execute queries over a set of distributed DICOM repositories, which are logically indexed as a single federated unit. This lets us run queries against all Dicoogle nodes as though they were a single index. Users can enter search criteria once and access several search engines simultaneously in real time. The query result includes an image preview using the stored thumbnails. To retrieve the whole study, one can select the image or the series, and a DICOM viewer will be opened to present the transferred data.
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