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VURTIGO: Visualization Platform for Real-Time, MRI-Guided Cardiac Electroanatomic Mapping

Submitted by holger on Wed, 2012/06/27 - 15:51
TitleVURTIGO: Visualization Platform for Real-Time, MRI-Guided Cardiac Electroanatomic Mapping
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsRadau, P, Pintilie, S, Flor, R, Biswas, L, Oduneye, S, Ramanan, V, Anderson, K, Wright, G
EditorCamara, O, Konukoglu, E, Pop, M, Rhode, K, Sermesant, M, Young, A
Book TitleStatistical Atlases and Computational Models of the Heart. Imaging and Modelling Challenges
Series TitleLecture Notes in Computer Science
PublisherSpringer Berlin / Heidelberg
ISBN Number978-3-642-28325-3

Guidance of electrophysiological (EP) procedures by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has significant advantages over x-ray fluoroscopy. Display of electroanatomic mapping (EAM) during an intervention fused with a prior MR volume and DE-MRI derived tissue classification should improve the accuracy of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) for ventricular arrhythmias. Improved accuracy in the spatial localization of recorded EP points will produce an EAM to constrain and customize patient-specific cardiac electroanatomic models being developed for understanding the patterns of arrhythmogenic slow conduction zones causing reentry circuits and treatment planning. The Vurtigo software presented here is a four dimensional (3D+time) real-time visualization application for guiding interventions capable of displaying prior volumes, real-time MRI scan planes, EAM (voltage or activation times), segmented models, and tracked catheters. This paper will describe the architecture and features of Vurtigo followed by the application example of guiding percutaneous cardiac electroanatomic mapping in porcine models.

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