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The image-guided surgery toolkit IGSTK: an open source C++ software toolkit.

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TitleThe image-guided surgery toolkit IGSTK: an open source C++ software toolkit.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsEnquobahrie, A, Cheng, P, Gary, K, Ibanez, L, Gobbi, D, Lindseth, F, Yaniv, Z, Aylward, S, Jomier, J, Cleary, K
JournalJ Digit Imaging
Volume20 Suppl 1
Date Published2007 Nov
KeywordsComputer Systems, Data Display, Database Management Systems, Humans, Information Dissemination, Information Storage and Retrieval, Safety, Software, Software Design, Software Validation, Surgery, Computer-Assisted, Systems Integration, User-Computer Interface

This paper presents an overview of the image-guided surgery toolkit (IGSTK). IGSTK is an open source C++ software library that provides the basic components needed to develop image-guided surgery applications. It is intended for fast prototyping and development of image-guided surgery applications. The toolkit was developed through a collaboration between academic and industry partners. Because IGSTK was designed for safety-critical applications, the development team has adopted lightweight software processes that emphasizes safety and robustness while, at the same time, supporting geographically separated developers. A software process that is philosophically similar to agile software methods was adopted emphasizing iterative, incremental, and test-driven development principles. The guiding principle in the architecture design of IGSTK is patient safety. The IGSTK team implemented a component-based architecture and used state machine software design methodologies to improve the reliability and safety of the components. Every IGSTK component has a well-defined set of features that are governed by state machines. The state machine ensures that the component is always in a valid state and that all state transitions are valid and meaningful. Realizing that the continued success and viability of an open source toolkit depends on a strong user community, the IGSTK team is following several key strategies to build an active user community. These include maintaining a users and developers' mailing list, providing documentation (application programming interface reference document and book), presenting demonstration applications, and delivering tutorial sessions at relevant scientific conferences.

Alternate JournalJ Digit Imaging
PubMed ID17703338
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