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ADDIS: a decision support system for evidence-based medicine

Submitted by holger on Tue, 2012/10/30 - 11:09
TitleADDIS: a decision support system for evidence-based medicine
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
Authorsvan Valkenhoef, G, Tervonen, T, Zwinkels, T, de Brock, B, Hillege, H
JournalDecision Support Systems
Volumein press
Keywordsclinicaltrial, datamodel, decisionanalysis, Evidence-basedmedicine, evidencesynthesis

Clinical trials are the main source of information for the efficacy and safety evaluation of medical treatments. Al- though they are of pivotal importance in evidence-based medicine, there is a lack of usable information systems providing data-analysis and decision support capabilities for aggregate clinical trial results. This is partly caused by unavailability (i) of trial data in a structured format suitable for re-analysis, and (ii) of a complete data model for ag- gregate level results. In this paper, we develop a unifying data model that enables the development of evidence-based decision support in the absence of a complete data model. We describe the supported decision processes and show how these are implemented in the open source ADDIS software. ADDIS enables semi-automated construction of meta-analyses, network meta-analyses and benefit-risk decision models, and provides visualization of all results.

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