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The research project Net4Care's aim is to develop a ecosystem to make it easy for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to build telemedical applications for the home.

The main area of support within the present edition is handling clinical observations in the home and ensuring they become available for clinician's work.

The Net4Care framework helps in this by providing:

  • A Java-based framework that hides clinical complexity, and lets developers focus on designing good user interfaces and implementing connections to medical devices, instead of spending large efforts on understanding XDS and HL7 standards.
  • Learning material for a quick start. Tutorials, source code examples, and demonstrator applications are provided. These help SMB developers to understand, design, and implement home telemedical applications in general, and insight into the specific clinical aspects in particular.
  • Support for safe experimentation with staged development. A staged development environment that allows the SMB developers to safely experiment with and develop their applications without all the hazzles of setting up a distributed environment is provided. Later, they can gradually move to a local distributed environment, further on to connect to Net4Care testing servers, before finally committing to full production quality applications that interact with the live medical servers.
  • Servers that SMBs may use to host medical services. A set of Net4Care servers that bridge regional and national XDS repositories as well as other medical services is provided. Thus there is no need for a SMB to create its own server software nor run a server farm.