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MITK Diffusion Imaging.

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TitleMITK Diffusion Imaging.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsFritzsche, KH, Neher, PF, Reicht, I, van Bruggen, T, Goch, C, Reisert, M, Nolden, M, Zelzer, S, Meinzer, H-P, Stieltjes, B
JournalMethods Inf Med
Date Published2012 Oct 11

Background: Diffusion-MRI provides a unique window on brain anatomy and insights into aspects of tissue structure in living humans that could not be studied previously. There is a major effort in this rapidly evolving field of research to develop the algorithmic tools necessary to cope with the complexity of the datasets. Objectives: This work illustrates our strategy that encompasses the development of a modularized and open software tool for data processing, visualization and interactive exploration in diffusion imaging research and aims at reinforcing sustainable evaluation and progress in the field. Methods: In this paper, the usability and capabilities of a new application and toolkit component of the Medical Imaging and Interaction Toolkit (MITK,, MITK-DI, are demonstrated using in-vivo datasets. Results: MITK-DI provides a comprehensive software framework for high-performance data processing, analysis and interactive data exploration, which is designed in a modular, extensible fashion (using CTK) and in adherence to widely accepted coding standards (e.g. ITK, VTK). MITK-DI is available both as an open source software development toolkit and as a ready-to-use installable application. Conclusions: The open source release of the modular MITK-DI tools will increase verifiability and comparability within the research community and will also be an important step towards bringing many of the current techniques towards clinical application.

Alternate JournalMethods Inf Med
PubMed ID23038239
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