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epSOS Common Components

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The epSOS project has released interoperability specifications (Common Components Specification) for national Contact Points (NCPs) to interact and support epSOS defined services such as patient summary and prescription. epSOS has also established a testing process for testing compliant implementations of these specifications, and ensure their interoperability.

Project Dissemination
The general dissemination of the epSOS project is carried out at, and all questions or comments regarding the project as a whole or any of the deliverables should be directed to the communication channels defined by the epSOS project. This open source project is a software implementation of these interoperability specifications. It is an example of their realization in software components that support building of an NCP (national contact point) by participating nations.

Artifacts Publication
All artifacts published by this open source project and its subprojects will be made available on This open source project will primarily provide the software components needed in an NCP, and integration tests that demonstrate their interdependencies. This will include build scripts, third party components, general instructions on deploying and notes on system prerequisites. Furthermore, the project may provide implementation notes, comments on the epSOS interoperability specification and general discussion related to the implementation of the software components. Such notes should be viewed in the context of a development work in progress, and may change over time or completely disappear.

License notes
The components developed in this project are developed under the ASLv2 and the GPLv3.