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DDN: a caBIG® analytical tool for differential network analysis.

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TitleDDN: a caBIG® analytical tool for differential network analysis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsZhang, B, Tian, Y, Jin, L, Li, H, Shih, I-M, Madhavan, S, Clarke, R, Hoffman, EP, Xuan, J, Hilakivi-Clarke, L, Wang, Y
Date Published2011 Apr 1
KeywordsAnimals, Computational Biology, Epigenesis, Genetic, Female, Gene Regulatory Networks, Mammary Glands, Animal, Rats, Software, Systems Biology

UNLABELLED: Differential dependency network (DDN) is a caBIG® (cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid) analytical tool for detecting and visualizing statistically significant topological changes in transcriptional networks representing two biological conditions. Developed under caBIG®'s In Silico Research Centers of Excellence (ISRCE) Program, DDN enables differential network analysis and provides an alternative way for defining network biomarkers predictive of phenotypes. DDN also serves as a useful systems biology tool for users across biomedical research communities to infer how genetic, epigenetic or environment variables may affect biological networks and clinical phenotypes. Besides the standalone Java application, we have also developed a Cytoscape plug-in, CytoDDN, to integrate network analysis and visualization seamlessly.AVAILABILITY: The Java and MATLAB source code can be downloaded at the authors' web site

Alternate JournalBioinformatics
PubMed ID21296752
PubMed Central IDPMC3065688
Grant ListCA109872 / CA / NCI NIH HHS / United States
CA149147 / CA / NCI NIH HHS / United States
GM085665 / GM / NIGMS NIH HHS / United States
NS029525 / NS / NINDS NIH HHS / United States
R01 CA131465 / CA / NCI NIH HHS / United States
R01 NS029525-19 / NS / NINDS NIH HHS / United States
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