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Care for the World Symposium at MEDINFO2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

Submitted by karopka on Wed, 2013/07/24 - 08:26
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Thu, 2013/08/22
MEDINFO2013, Bella Center, Center Boulevard 5, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark

The “Care for the World” mini-symposium with the title “Collaboration, Openness, transparency and trust as prerequisite for high quality, effective and efficient health care” will present and discuss different approaches to tackle the global challenges in health care. The main argument is that collaboration, openness, transparency and trust are the most powerful ingredients to develop high quality, sustainable solutions and maximize the impact that these tools might have in improving health outcomes. Two different but related approaches will be presented: The use of Free/Libre Open Source Software and Open User Driven Innovation. This mini-symposium is collaboratively organized by IMIA OS WG, EFMI LIFOSS WG, GNUSolidario, International Institute for Global Health of the United NationsUniversity (UNU-IIGH), and the EU project ScanBalt HealthPort.

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