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What is Open PHACTS?
To reduce the barriers to drug discovery in industry, academia and for small businesses, the Open PHACTS consortium is building the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform. This will be freely available, integrating pharmacological data from a variety of information resources and providing tools and services to question this integrated data to support pharmacological research.
The project is ending in August 2014.

What will the project deliver?
The project will deliver an online platform with a set of integrated publicly available pharmacological data. The software and data will be available for download and local installation, under an open source and open access model. Tools and services will be provided to query and visualise this data, and a sustainability plan will be in place, continuing the operation of the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform after the project funding ends.
Throughout the project, a series of recommendations will be developed in conjunction with the community, building on open standards, to ensure wide applicability of the approaches used for integration of data.
The Open PHACTS Discovery Platform is a specific achievable result from this project, but the semantic technology and principles are deliberately being adopted to enable the platform to be adapted for application to other subject domains in the future.