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This is a stable release of Ruby openEHR implementation project. This release is based on openEHR specification release 1.0.2. We implemented almost of the specifications of the openEHR. The work is still in progress to implement related tools, such as archetype validator or serializer. Formerly, we named this package as open_ehr, but changed to openehr from release 1.1.0. 1.0.x versions are obsoleted. The intention is to have a sample EHR to utilize all over the world quickly with Ruby on Rails for many other porject.

This package includes:

ADL 1.4 parser

AM/RM packages based on the openEHR specification 1.0.2

This package excludes:

ADL serializer(in progress)

ADL validator(in progress)

Data store/retrieve would be separate to the other project.

Terminology service(moved to openehr-terminology package)

Rails plugin(moved to openehr-rails package

Almost all classes passed the test constructed by RSpec2. These spec files are under /spec.

Some specifications are not well determined yet, such as rm/security and so on. We postponed to implement such classes.

Terminology and Demographic server will be implemented in other projects.