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Managing multicentre clinical trials with open source.

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TitleManaging multicentre clinical trials with open source.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsRaptis, DAristotle, Mettler, T, Fischer, MAlexander, Patak, M, Lesurtel, M, Eshmuminov, D, de Rougemont, O, Graf, R, Clavien, P-A, Breitenstein, S
JournalInform Health Soc Care
Date Published2014 Mar

Background: Multicentre clinical trials are challenged by high administrative burden, data management pitfalls and costs. This leads to a reduced enthusiasm and commitment of the physicians involved and thus to a reluctance in conducting multicentre clinical trials. Objective: The purpose of this study was to develop a web-based open source platform to support a multi-centre clinical trial. Methods: We developed on Drupal, an open source software distributed under the terms of the General Public License, a web-based, multi-centre clinical trial management system with the design science research approach. Results: This system was evaluated by user-testing and well supported several completed and on-going clinical trials and is available for free download. Conclusion: Open source clinical trial management systems are capable in supporting multi-centre clinical trials by enhancing efficiency, quality of data management and collaboration.

Alternate JournalInform Health Soc Care
PubMed ID24517456
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