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DeVIDE, or the Delft Visualisation and Image processing Development Environment, is a cross-platform software framework for the rapid prototyping, testing and deployment of visualisation and image processing algorithms. The software was developed within the Visualisation group. DeVIDE's primary (and currently only) front-end is a data-flow boxes-and-lines network editor. In this regard, it is very similar to AVS, OpenDX, Khoros or VISSION. DeVIDE integrates functionality from libraries such as VTK, ITK, GDCM, DCMTK, numpy and matplotlib. It is being very actively developed.

DeVIDE is distributed as part of the DRE, or DeVIDE Runtime Environment. The DRE is in fact a Python distribution that includes cmake, swig, Python, numpy, matplotlib, wxPython, gdcm, VTK, ITK and DeVIDE itself. With the DRE, you can easily develop your own Python applications and also C++ extension modules, as the C++ SDK is included. See the DRE help page for more information. In short, if you need VTK or ITK Python binaries for your Windows or Linux system in order to run your own code, you can use the DRE for that!