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Implementation, reliability, and feasibility test of an Open-Source PACS.

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TitleImplementation, reliability, and feasibility test of an Open-Source PACS.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsValeri, G, Zuccaccia, M, Badaloni, A, Ciriaci, D, La Riccia, L, Mazzoni, G, Maggi, S, Giovagnoni, A
JournalRadiol Med
Date Published2015 Jun 19

PURPOSE: To implement a hardware and software system able to perform the major functions of an Open-Source PACS, and to analyze it in a simulated real-world environment.MATERIALS AND METHODS: A small home network was implemented, and the Open-Source operating system Ubuntu 11.10 was installed in a laptop containing the Dcm4chee suite with the software devices needed.RESULTS: The Open-Source PACS implemented is compatible with Linux OS, Microsoft OS, and Mac OS X; furthermore, it was used with operating systems that guarantee the operation in portable devices (smartphone, tablet) Android and iOS.CONCLUSIONS: An OSS PACS is useful for making tutorials and workshops on post-processing techniques for educational and training purposes.

Alternate JournalRadiol Med
PubMed ID26088470
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