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Open source software in a practical approach for post processing of radiologic images.

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TitleOpen source software in a practical approach for post processing of radiologic images.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsValeri, G, Mazza, FAntonino, Maggi, S, Aramini, D, La Riccia, L, Mazzoni, G, Giovagnoni, A
JournalRadiol Med
Date Published2015 Mar
KeywordsDiagnostic Imaging, Humans, Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted, Image Processing, Computer-Assisted, Radiology Information Systems, Reproducibility of Results, Sensitivity and Specificity, Software, Software Validation, User-Computer Interface

PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the use of open source software (OSS) to process DICOM images.MATERIALS AND METHODS: We selected 23 programs for Windows and 20 programs for Mac from 150 possible OSS programs including DICOM viewers and various tools (converters, DICOM header editors, etc.). The programs selected all meet the basic requirements such as free availability, stand-alone application, presence of graphical user interface, ease of installation and advanced features beyond simple display monitor. Capabilities of data import, data export, metadata, 2D viewer, 3D viewer, support platform and usability of each selected program were evaluated on a scale ranging from 1 to 10 points.RESULTS: Twelve programs received a score higher than or equal to eight. Among them, five obtained a score of 9: 3D Slicer, MedINRIA, MITK 3M3, VolView, VR Render; while OsiriX received 10.CONCLUSIONS: OsiriX appears to be the only program able to perform all the operations taken into consideration, similar to a workstation equipped with proprietary software, allowing the analysis and interpretation of images in a simple and intuitive way. OsiriX is a DICOM PACS workstation for medical imaging and software for image processing for medical research, functional imaging, 3D imaging, confocal microscopy and molecular imaging. This application is also a good tool for teaching activities because it facilitates the attainment of learning objectives among students and other specialists.

Alternate JournalRadiol Med
PubMed ID25024063
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