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{SIproc}: an open-source biomedical data processing platform for large hyperspectral images

Submitted by karopka on Sun, 2016/12/11 - 19:33
Title{SIproc}: an open-source biomedical data processing platform for large hyperspectral images
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBerisha, S, Chang, S, Saki, S, Daeinejad, D, He, Z, Mankar, R, Mayerich, D
JournalThe Analyst

There has recently been significant interest within the vibrational spectroscopy community to apply quantitative spectroscopic imaging techniques to histology and clinical diagnosis. However, many of the proposed methods require collecting spectroscopic images that have a similar region size and resolution to the corresponding histological images. Since spectroscopic images contain significantly more spectral samples than traditional histology, the resulting data sets can approach hundreds of gigabytes to terabytes in size. This makes them difficult to store and process, and the tools available to researchers for handling large spectroscopic data sets are limited. Fundamental mathematical tools, such as MATLAB, Octave, and SciPy, are extremely powerful but require that the data be stored in fast memory. This memory limitation becomes impractical for even modestly sized histological images, which can be hundreds of gigabytes in size. In this paper, we propose an open-source toolkit designed to perform out-of-core processing of hyperspectral images. By taking advantage of graphical processing unit (GPU) computing combined with adaptive data streaming, our software alleviates common workstation memory limitations while achieving better performance than existing applications.

PubMed ID27924319
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