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MITK-ToF-Range data within MITK.

Submitted by holger on Mon, 2011/06/06 - 16:15
TitleMITK-ToF-Range data within MITK.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsSeitel, A, Yung, K, Mersmann, S, Kilgus, T, Groch, A, Dos Santos, TR, Franz, AM, Nolden, M, Meinzer, H-P, Maier-Hein, L
JournalInternational journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery
Date Published2011 May 31

PURPOSE: The time-of-flight (ToF) technique is an emerging technique for rapidly acquiring distance information and is becoming increasingly popular for intra-operative surface acquisition. Using the ToF technique as an intra-operative imaging modality requires seamless integration into the clinical workflow. We thus aim to integrate ToF support in an existing framework for medical image processing. METHODS: MITK-ToF was implemented as an extension of the open-source C++ Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK) and provides the basic functionality needed for rapid prototyping and development of image-guided therapy (IGT) applications that utilize range data for intra-operative surface acquisition. This framework was designed with a module-based architecture separating the hardware-dependent image acquisition task from the processing of the range data. RESULTS: The first version of MITK-ToF has been released as an open-source toolkit and supports several ToF cameras and basic processing algorithms. The toolkit, a sample application, and a tutorial are available from . CONCLUSIONS: With the increased popularity of time-of-flight cameras for intra-operative surface acquisition, integration of range data supports into medical image processing toolkits such as MITK is a necessary step. Handling acquisition of range data from different cameras and processing of the data requires the establishment and use of software design principles that emphasize flexibility, extendibility, robustness, performance, and portability. The open-source toolkit MITK-ToF satisfies these requirements for the image-guided therapy community and was already used in several research projects.

PubMed ID21626396
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