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OSPACS: Ultrasound image management system.

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TitleOSPACS: Ultrasound image management system.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsStott, W, Ryan, A, Jacobs, IJ, Menon, U, Bessant, C, Jones, C
JournalSource code for biology and medicine
Date Published2008

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Ultrasound scanning uses the medical imaging format, DICOM, for electronically storing the images and data associated with a particular scan. Large health care facilities typically use a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) for storing and retrieving such images. However, these systems are usually not suitable for managing large collections of anonymized ultrasound images gathered during a clinical screening trial. RESULTS: We have developed a system enabling the accurate archiving and management of ultrasound images gathered during a clinical screening trial. It is based upon a Windows application utilizing an open-source DICOM image viewer and a relational database. The system automates the bulk import of DICOM files from removable media by cross-validating the patient information against an external database, anonymizing the data as well as the image, and then storing the contents of the file as a field in a database record. These image records may then be retrieved from the database and presented in a tree-view control so that the user can select particular images for display in a DICOM viewer or export them to external media. CONCLUSION: This system provides error-free automation of ultrasound image archiving and management, suitable for use in a clinical trial. An open-source project has been established to promote continued development of the system.

PubMed ID18570637
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